10 Reminders for the smart ones ;)

I have always had a thing for smart , witty guys . They always have something interesting to say , new ideas to debate and they tend to be such a blast !  

Yet, some of the smartest people I know  struggle to get ahead because they forget to remember a few simple truths.  So, i thought , let me give you a quick reminder:

#1 – Education and intelligence accomplish nothing without action. 
It doesn’t matter if you have a genius IQ and a diploma in Quantum Physics, you can’t change anything or make any sort of real progress without taking action.  There’s a huge difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it.  Knowledge and intelligence are both useless without action.  It’s as simple as that. 

#2 – Happiness and success are two different things.

I once knew a savvy businessman. All his partners consider him to be wildly successful.  But guess what?  One days , out of the blue, he asked me  “Am I asking too much if I want time to read a good book , time to go kiting and to see my mum? Is it too much to ask if I want to take a vacation and forget about numbers and meetings and presentations?”  . “Wow!” I thought.  “One of the most successful people I know isn’t happy.” I also know a guy who enjoys reading books, practicing yoga and writing small articles for a very small magazine all day long, taking pictures of sunrises and kids every day .He’s one of the most lighthearted, optimistic guys I’ve ever met – always smiling from ear to ear.  But he has a small flat he rents with another guy and they both frequently try to sell e-books in order to pay the bills.  So while I can’t deny that this man seems happy, I wouldn’t classify his life as a success story. 
“What will make me happy?” and “What will make me successful?” are two of the most important questions you can ask yourself.  But they are two different questions.

#3 – Everyone runs their own business.

No matter how you make a living or who you think you work for, you only work for one person, yourself.  The big question is:  What are you selling, and to whom?  Even when you have a full-time, salaried, corporation position, you are still running your own business.  You are selling one unit of your existence (an hour of your life) at a set price (the associated fraction of your salary) to a customer (your employer).
So how can you simultaneously save your time and increase your profit?  The answer is slightly different for everyone.  But it’s an answer we all should be seeking. 

#4 – Having too many choices interferes with decision making.  

In the 21st century where information moves at the speed of light and opportunities seem endless, we have so many choices.  But sadly, an abundance of choice often leads to indecision, confusion and inaction.

So  if you’re trying to make a decision about something in your life, don’t waste all your time evaluating every last detail of every possible option.  Choose something that you think will work and give it a shot.  If it doesn’t work out, choose something else and keep pressing forward.

#5 – All people possess dimensions of success and dimensions of failure.

This point is somewhat related to point #2 on happiness and success, but it stands strong on its own as well…
Trying to be perfect is a waste of time and energy.  Perfection is an illusion.

All people, even our idols, are multidimensional.  Powerful business men, loved musicians, bestselling authors, and even our own parents all have dimensions of success and failure present in their lives.
Our successful dimensions usually encompass the things we spend the most time doing. This is the part of our lives we want others to see – the successful part that holds our life’s work.  It’s the notion of putting our best foot forward.  It’s the public image. But behind every polished story we ,,sell'' , lies a multi-dimensional human being with a long list of unprofessed failures.  Sometimes this person is a bad husband or wife.  Sometimes this person laughs at the expense of others.  And sometimes this person goes home alone in the evening.

#6 – Every mistake you make is progress.

Mistakes teach you important lessons.  Every time you make one, you’re one step closer to your goal.  The only mistake that can truly hurt you is choosing to do nothing simply because you’re too scared to make a mistake.
So don’t hesitate – don’t doubt yourself.  In life, it’s rarely about getting a chance; it’s about taking a chance.  You’ll never be 100% sure it will work, but you can always be 100% sure doing nothing won’t work.  Most of the time you just have to go for it!
And no matter how it turns out, it always ends up just the way it should be.  Either you succeed or you learn something.  Win-Win.  Remember, if you never act, you will never know for sure, and you will be left standing in the same spot forever.

#7 – People can't be great at doing things they don’t like to do.

 I’ve heard way too many smart people say something like, “In order to be great at what you do, you have to like what you do.”  This just is the simple truth.

#8 – The problems we have with others are typically more about us.

Quite often, the problems we have with others – our partner, parents, collegues – don’t really have much to do with them at all.  Because many of the problems we think we have with them we subconsciously created in our own mind.  Maybe they did something in the past that touched on one of our fears or insecurities.  Or maybe they didn’t do something that we expected them to do.  In either case, problems like these are not about the other person, they’re about us.
And that’s okay.  It simply means these little predicaments will be easier to solve.   We are, after all, in charge of our own decisions.  We get to decide whether we want to keep our head cluttered with events from the past, or instead open our minds to the positive realities unfolding in front of us.
All we need is the willingness to look at things a little differently – letting go of ‘what was’ and ‘what should have been,’ and instead focusing our energy on ‘what is’ and ‘what could be possible.’

#9 – Emotional decisions are rarely good decisions.

Decisions driven by heavy emotion are typically misguided reactions rather than educated judgments. 
The best advice here is simple:  Don’t let your emotions trump your intelligence.  Slow down and think things through before you make any life-changing decisions.

#10 – You will never feel 100% ready when an opportunity arises.

The number one thing I persistently see holding smart people back is their own fear to accept an opportunity simply because they don’t think they’re ready.  In other words, they believe they require additional knowledge, skill, experience, etc. before they can take in the opportunity. 
The truth is nobody ever feels 100% ready when an opportunity arises.  Because most great opportunities in life force us to grow emotionally and intellectually.  They force us to stretch ourselves and our comfort zones, which means we won’t feel totally comfortable at first.  And when we don’t feel comfortable, we don’t feel ready.
Just remember that, sometimes, it isn't enough just to be smart .Keep this in mind and make the most of your life !