Sunday, 14 June 2015

Are you curious?

What do you want from your life?

I am not talking about what you would like to have.
I am talking about that deep, burning desire you have inside you. The one you might not even realise yet. It is obvious that in order to get what we want in our lives , we have to know first what do we want.Yet, nine people out of ten have no clue about what they are looking for. Some might have an idea , but they can not describe it. And because you don't know what you want , you can't find it. Hmmm... weird , isn't it?

When asked why they don't know what they want, most people say ,,I'm too busy to think about it.'' Too busy , huh?
But we're not talking about some meaningless chore , we are talking about your life

No matter how busy you are, you have the time for this. It is proven that a person has about 3000 hours free time a year. Why don't you use 30 minutes a day to think about your life, about your dreams and wishes? In this 30 minutes a day you can come up with at least an idea. If you do so for a month , you'll have at least 30 ideas. In one year , you have 360 ideas. Write them down and pick one.

What do you dream about? 

Living abroad? Opening your own bussiness? Writing a book? Travelling ? There are opportunities everywhere. Once you start, your biggest chalenge is to decide which one to follow.

Let's take Leonardo da Vinci , for example.

Like many of us , he had to cultivate his imagination. He wasn't born a genius. But he had hobbies. He was a painter, a sculptor, an engineer, a musician, an architect,an inventor,a botanist ,a writer and a scientist.

He was too curious to try only one discipline.
And all his successes began with an idea.
Your challenge is to use your creative power to find your own ideas.

Are you curious enough to find out what is it that you want? 

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