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As i am  kind of struggling myself these days with the Almighty Internet and all , here is something I found  useful .

Enjoy and feel free to share with other ,,brothers in arms,,  :)

Free KnockKnock ebook now available

Knock Knock is now available for you to read for free. It's a short take on how to use the new online marketing tools to make any website work more effectively.
You'll notice on the second page of the PDF that there's a link that makes it easy to contribute to the Red Cross. I hope you'll take advantage of that.
 It's sort of large, so if you want to post it on your own site, or email it to your friends, please go right ahead. I'll post a list of other sites that are hosting it as soon as you send me the URL where you've posted.  The only rules are no changes, no commerce.

I'm going to post the sequel to this one (I hope you can guess the title) this weekend. That's why I encourage you to follow the RSS feed instructions on the second page of the ebook.
Happy reading. Spread the word. 
source:Seth Godin