Woman. Shhh !

 I really believe in every one of us lie a few women: the sweet girl that believes in fairytailes, the mother, the carreer woman, the runner and last- but not least, the seductive.
 Sometimes these women come to play alone , but there are those special moments when something or someone makes us give the best in us, the whole package.

Every once in a while, there comes a day when you enjoy to embrace the playful, seductive woman in you and it might even amaze you how much peace you can find in letting go the ''oughts" and the ''shoulds'' and just dive into that calm, conforting sensation that the other one  is embracing you with. 

Every once in a while you find yourself smiling, you can't wait to see what else there is, learning to translate the tone, this look, that look, the meaning of words, discovering what makes the world go round and round again.

Yes, you have to break the walls you have built around you! 
Yes, you have to rearrange the days you were spending just doing what you love-to make room for another.
Yes, you have to fight the fear of being ''caged'' in a relationship again. 

We trip on these cracks. And work to reclaim our balance, back onto the road, the path leading to the quiet, calm we had before.

But we will reach a crossroad. 

Where we can choose to be brave, to take the rougher road, to open those wounded, hidden parts of us. And when we open those locked doors, this is going to be that moment when we feel that all those women can come togheter to play. 

This is the doorway. This is the only way in. 

This is where we will create a  brand new woman. One that is childish but strong, hungry but sated, rising and crashing like waves, nurturing and self- possessed.
But that is another chapter, yet to be read, unearthed. 
Now, we are slipping into the first few pages. The path is nearly out of ground. We’re almost there. 

And once we simply and bravely open the door, we will fall in, into the dream, into the waves, into the music of us.

Every once in a while , every woman must feel this.