Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Let's grab a piece of paper !

Although it is not New Years Eve , it is never too late or too early to rethink your path and set new goals,even to improve the old ones.

 I have decided to take a leap from this day , from what I want now and grab a piece of paper , my glasses and write down everything that will come to my mind.I will write down what i want to be , what I want to do , want I want to achieve and most important -what I am willing to give in return.Because no matter how much we feel we deserve something , it is realistic to undertand  that still , our success in life is equal to our contribution in the world.

So , let's grab a piece of paper and write down our goals. The ones that we don't usually have the guts to look in their face and say  ,, I can do this ! I can make it happen!'' Be realistic, but be unrealistic. You never reach goals that you thought were unattainable if you never set them.

Please, add your goals here...

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