Thank you , my friend !

I have met a few good people on the road. Some are still in my life , walking side by side with me,some gave me the strenght I needed in rough moments and than left on their own way, caring my gratitude and love in their souls , some came for help and guidance and now I love to see how well things turned out for them and some ...some I am now cherishing as if they were new pieces that my soul and mind needed in order to grow and blossom.

One of  this good people I've met a long time ago, told me that ,, in life you climb stairs , one by one.You get up there and than you see another one , and you settle a new goal , a new road to take''.

 I have always wondered if this is right. When you walk in the valley , you don't always get to see the top. The road is bumpy , you sometimes fall , you go astray .

Yet, it seems he was right.You always find your way back to the right path.

And the harder it gets , the more companions you get .The higher you climb , the better the companions you surround yourself with are.

Somehow, no matter how hard it gets to see the top again , if you keep in mind that there is a top and the desire to get there never quits you , there will always be someone who will say ,, Lean on me, rest if you need . I will be here to guide you through this''.

I write this thoughts in a time of  bereavement and even if I feel it is so hard to get back on the road and I not at all see the top right now, I know that I can and I will .

Because I have such good people on my side. Such good , loving people that remind me why I am here and that my story doesn't have to be like this.

Thank you , my good thoughts and love are with you, too.