Monday, 15 June 2015

The new Secret of Expectations

As days go by, I find myself  more and more thinking about the thing that makes the difference, about what is that little ingredient that makes one a king and another one a  bum. 
How come we all live in the same society , same town , we all ride the same metro in the morning and still one is going to the office where he is a leader and one is going to the social services to ask for help? 
How come we all come across the same people , the same bookstores , see the same things every day (or almost the same ) and still one can wish and dream to be the next Nobel laureate and all the other is thinking is how to survive another day ?
As I was talking today to a friend of mine , I was trying to see what pulls him back. And I think i get it now!  

Nothing influences our success more than what we expect from ourselves.

Or in another way to say this : we don't get from our lives what we would wish if we would have more money , more time , etc or what we hope to get if the planet align, we don't even get what we deserve. But we get from our lives what we expect !

Abraham Lincoln expected from himself more than just being an illiterate farmer in Kentucky. He wanted to be a great leader. Tiger Woods is not walking on the field expecting to be ok. He expects to be the best! 

Of course , it is not enough to expect only. To acomplish this , we have to work hard and to believe in ourselves. But one thing is for sure : we don't get what we want , but what we expect.
This being said , our expectations are the creators of our dream reality or our worst enemies.Because they put barriers in front of our desires. If we expect our destiny to be a mediocre life full of failure and missed opportunities ,than this is what we will get.

So , do not wait - expect more from yourself! You deserve it!

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