I am a free man !

All morning  I had this on my mind :

,, In other words, I am free to do as I please, you MUST be tolerant and let me do it. Or… I am free to do as I please, you ARE NOT FREE to choose if you want to tolerate this or not. Well… we already have a breach of one’s basic human rights. ''

Somehow, I can't let go of this  ...

 To be free... isn't this defined , above all, by letting go  of habits , needs and addictions ?!
And therefore,  if tolerating the ones beside me,  makes me feel deprived of my freedom , somehow forced,  means that I can't unchain myself  from personal dogmas and that I am not able to perceive,  accept and understand other's point of view ?
Therefore I am asking : Where is the freedom?! Trapped in my own beliefs and principles, does this not mean that I would be a slave of my own mind , of my own beliefs , of my own overcomed thinking patterns ?

Isn't it the definition of freedom itself  the autonomy from the rest of the world ? from the rest of the world and from your yesterday's beliefs? From the yesterday's YOU?

Day by day , I evolve  . Who I am today is free to contradict the One I will be tomorrow, and who I will be tomorrow is free to be whatever I will feel to be  =)

So, I am free to be whomever I want to be , and you are free to evolve and express yourself as you feel.
Even more because I am free to see you through the mirror of my soul is an additional reason to understand that the only freedom that I really need is the freedom towards me ! And being tolerant to others  is nothing else than a proof of a good , healthy relationship with myself and that I am indeed a FREE MAN! 

Free to see , understand and tolerate you.