How I Loved You

Seems like a fairytale, and I didn't believe I'll get to this point, until the very moment when i did it.
I recognized you from the first words,I felt like I knew you forever, like you were so close to my locked heart, although I haven't ever seen you before.
The tone, the voice, the words you wrote...I knew it all along.You were that one I had to meet once in a lifetime, maybe even once in lifetimes.

So, I loved you.I did open my heart, I pushed aside the gates and threw away the locks, and I loved you.Oh, God, so much I loved you.
I could feel your heart beats in my palm.And I loved you.
I could hear your breathe.And I loved you.
I could feel the warmth of your hands and I loved every inch of your skin, every glance I took at your soul, every pain and vulnerability you showed me.
I dove into you and came back with the keys for my heart.
I let you inside and it felt so natural for the first time.
I felt more alive than ever before, I was not lonely, nor alone anymore.I was grateful for the journey that led me to me and to you and to this incredible feeling.
I was grateful your coming into my life, for what you taught me, for the feelings I came to acknowledge.
And then, right when i felt that the need of you will choke me, I realized that it is not right.That I gave you my freedom and it's not right.You took my heart, my soul, my silent moments and my freedom...Or maybe I just gave them too easily.

For the first time in my life, I felt I had not to need you, I had not to want you.For the first time in my life, I understood that I had needed all the ones that were before you, because I hadn't had myself-but now it's different.

I simply chose you-and I continued to choose you every day since.
And that's how I knew that, although you're the one, you are not to stay now.We are not ready for this.
And all the feelings I experienced now will become a story, a fairytale.And will always make me smile until we meet again.

With love,