Friday, 13 May 2016

How do you think it should be and how it really is

My son is a big National Geographic's fan. Spending time with him yesterday , we watched a little movie about some nasty monkeys. Funny creatures by the way.
Now, I don’t believe that we just evolved from the good old monkey. They might be cute and imitate us, it’s their nature. But if they do imitate us, that doesn’t make them our predecessors. But this is another story.
What I am going to talk about now is something that made me think about us , humans and how our behaviour  resembles to their’s sometimes.
I am going to tell you about monkey traps .

Monkeys are captured in India through a bottle with a banana placed inside, big enough to fit their hand in and out of. The hole is large enough for the monkey’s hand, but not large enough for its hand and the banana together.So, consumed by the wish of having it, the monkey doesn’t let go of the banana even though it’s terrified and about to get captured. The monkey gives up its life for the sake of hanging on to this stupid banana instead of  just letting go and  be free.
That banana, my friend, it’s making the poor animal forget about it’s safety, it makes it blind to the present events and leads to freedom deprivation.
Thinking about this , I realised we’re not better than this. That banana it’s the symbol of the projections we make.We hang onto what our  life “should” look like.

“My relationship should look like this so I’m failing to enjoy the relationships I’m in.”
“I should have kids by this time so I’m using my energy to rush things over.”
“I should have a nicer home by now, so I can’t stand to come to my own place every day."

The list is endless, you know it. And it’s all just bananas.

That monkey could go into the wilderness and get a better banana, for free, but it can’t let go of its attachment to getting this one banana.
Beyond the attachment to the banana itself, it can’t let go of what it needs to do to get the one banana it wants.

So, I could see in this documentary  a very simple lesson.Life already taught me this, along the way , without me even realising it: Everything in your  life comes easy, simply because you can take it or leave it. If it came, find a way to see it as a blessing. If it didn’t, find a way to see it as a blessing. If it left, find a way to see it as a blessing.Simple as that.

Never want  it enough to give up on it completely after a disappointment, and never completely want  it enough to give up your true essence for it.

Focus on how you want to feel and swing to a different tree if you don’t feel 100%  comfortable. By not sitting in the branches, hoping for the tree to grow you more bananas, you won’t be stuck in the same hopeless circle. If you leave the trap of how your life should be, you’ll find a whole forrest. Here, the bananas are endless.

Don’t be confused about what you want. 

Is this ONE banana or a banana?
Is this really what you need? 
Is it something you crave? 
Or is this banana making your life complete? 

Please, pay attention. Needing something or someone is not completing your life, by the contrary. You will feel the need and crave, when there is something missing from inside you.
And how can something or someone from outside you complete you inside? 
The inner self is only inside you.That’s what the name says, too! This is your journey only. No one can come inside with you to make things better.

Pay attention to this. 
Remain open to how things come and go. 
This way of being will lead you to places you’d never dare to dream of, inside yourself and inside of your life.
Let go of your bananas.
Stay open. 
It all comes in the right time and right place, I promise.
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