Tuesday, 31 May 2016

You Are Not Broken, Woman! You Are a Phoenix!

''You've seen my descent, 
Now watch my rising.'' (Rumi)

From time to time there comes a moment when we have to make a choice either to live the same old stories over and over again or just step forward and do the scariest, but the most freeing thing in the world: ERASE everything and RE-WRITE the whole story.

It is the time when you see how small you let yourself be, you hear yourself  whispering instead of roaring out loud and you decide that's enough. It is time to change that! 

Time to let go of all that and be done with this chapter.

Time to understand that no matter all the painful things that happened to you, no matter how broken you felt, you were never a broken woman.It was all in your head.

So, be done with that chapter. Be done with that book! Close it, seal it and start a new-life changing story. Honour your past, but be ready to burn it all in the flames of your rebirth.

Because, my darling, you are not the things that happened to you. You are not your mistakes. Don't allow your wounded past to define you. 

You are a magical spirit. You are a free soul that can be reborn every time you decide so.

Everything that happened in the past must stay in the past. Embrace your future with joy and live the present with gratitude.Let go of all the strings, take the lessons learned and burn all those bridges.

The best way to write your new story is to live it. To put one step in front of another and live every fuc*ing moment from now on consciously. 

By doing this, you'll see that you are not defined by what others say or think, not by what happened,  but by what you choose to be. 

This is how you change a destiny, my darling.You let behind everything you thought you are and step proudly into what you can become.

Take all those moments when you were silenced, all the shame and fears and watch them boldly in the eyes. Take the weak woman you thought you were, hold her hand and tell her in a brave tone that she's ok. It is ok to step up and say ''no''. Say ''no'' to fear, to pain, to shame, to others. Say ''no'' every time your hearts feels it that way. 

The worst bully you have met in your life, is the one you see every day in the mirror. Stop bulling yourself!

There are dark chapters in your life, but don't hide them anymore.Don't be ashamed of your wounds.
Own every piece of them. Cherish them and the lessons they gave you.

And maybe you do have scars and cracks. So what?! 
This doesn't mean you're a broken woman. You never were.

You are a Phoenix, my darling. A beautiful rising Phoenix.

You are a wild hearted, healing woman reclaiming her life, laughing out and rebirthing herself every day with her own strength. 
You are a strong woman learning your lessons from the harshest things that happened to you.
You are not a broken woman, but a bird flying free, an opened heart and a big, sincere smile.That's what you are!
You have a will to survive, an unstoppable thirst to keep trying no matter what!

Put your hands on the wheel and drive, darling. Drive exactly where you want to go. 
You can transform every piece of pain into beauty. 
You can become whole again not in spite of everything, but because of it!

And so you will. Take back every piece of power that you gave away and design a new brand life since NOW. A life of freedom.

The stories of the past won't be forgotten. It hurt and nothing will take that away. But you don't need it to be. You don't need to make the past pretty. No way! Embrace it as it is, full of darkness and demons.
And every  time you get afraid, just remember it. Remember the ''battles'' you survived and the power you had to do so.

And that, my darling, will be enough to make you realize that you are unbreakable and no one can take that from you.

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