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7 destinations where you can live a sunny dream

As I just returned from vacation , I am searching for a way to extend the peaceful feeling that lingers in my heart. Extending to ....maybe , forever :)
So , I found these destinations where we can live rich , without much money , so we can bring this dream to life .
Here they are:

1. Alicante, SpainAlicante is a city that has mastered the art of frugal living. They’ve done it without sacrificing any beauty or quality of living. It’s a beach city on Spain’s Costa Blanca and is famous for its wonderful climate, great food, stellar entertainment, relaxing lifestyle and lack of significant tourism. It’s a place that won’t disappoint. Renting a one bedroom apartment in the city’s center runs you about $550 a month. Public transit is around $40 a month. A good bottle of wine is $5 and a good domestic beer is a dollar. Spain’s minimum wage is $5.82 an hour. 2. Mendoza, ArgentinaRight smack in the heart of Argentina’s wine country is the beautiful city of Mendoza. The local economy is strong a…

Live, love, joy and other matters ;)

Woke up in the morning,  sun was barely in my room, my black cat was purring gently. The touch of warm sheets on my naked body, the memory of his late night good bye...all of this made me realize how lucky I am and how grateful I am for everything. 
I am right where I need to be. I am surrounded by the ones I need in my life, I have cleared my path and got rid of everything that was keeping me from growing.
I have such a peace of mind ! Such a joy of life! Such a full of love heart!
Life is good to me!
Your turn now. How was your morning? What made you smile today?

23 ways to keep calm and be optimistic

As long as the power of ,, Keep calm '' is on  I challenge you today to keep calm , be optimistic and take a look at the quotes below . Pick one and use it as a mantra by repeating it to yourself every time you feel negativity creeping up.
If the grass looks greener on the other side…  Stop staring.  Stop comparing.  Stop complaining and start watering the grass you’re standing on.Satisfaction is not always the fulfillment of what you want; it is the realization of how blessed you are for what you have.Sometimes you just have to look back at your past and smile about how far you’ve come.Just because it didn’t last forever, doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth your while.For everything you’ve lost, you’ve gained something else.  Appreciate what you have today.  Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.Just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing.  Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there.You cannot expect victory while planning for defeat…

Conteaza ?

Aud la părinți, prieteni, oameni de pe stradă spunând: Ce contează atât pentru tine treaba asta cu voluntaritului/caritatea/ONG-urile etc? Nu e ca și cum chiar poți schimba ceva, sau să zici că se vede vreo diferență. Lucrurile vor fi la fel.
Am fost întrebată de nenumărate ori, oarecum retoric: Ce mare brânză crezi că rezolvi? Ce faci tu e doar o picătură în tot oceanul, de ce te mai agiți atât?
Dar eu le spun:Oceanul ar avea mai puțină apă dacă nu ar fi acea picătură de care vorbești! O picătură de ulei afectează toată apa și viața din ocean. Și dacă o picătură micuță poate avea o influență asupra oceanului, atunci putem gândi la fel și despre viețile noastre, și viețile celor din jurul nostru.

Da, nu putem schimba lumea, să fim serioși, dar putem cu siguranță să ne schimbăm pe noi înșine, și astfel să schimbăm lumea cuiva! Cu toții avem puterea de a contribui cu o diferență pozitivă cel puțin în viața unei singure persoane. Și de la acea persoană, alții se vor alătura, alte idei v…

Thank you , my friend !

I have met a few good people on the road. Some are still in my life , walking side by side with me,some gave me the strenght I needed in rough moments and than left on their own way, caring my gratitude and love in their souls , some came for help and guidance and now I love to see how well things turned out for them and some ...some I am now cherishing as if they were new pieces that my soul and mind needed in order to grow and blossom.

One of  this good people I've met a long time ago, told me that ,, in life you climb stairs , one by one.You get up there and than you see another one , and you settle a new goal , a new road to take''.

 I have always wondered if this is right. When you walk in the valley , you don't always get to see the top. The road is bumpy , you sometimes fall , you go astray .

Yet, it seems he was right.You always find your way back to the right path.

And the harder it gets , the more companions you get .The higher you climb , the better the com…


Everybody speaks nowadays about dating , soul mates, relationships, f*uckbuddies, marriage and the list can go on and on. Still there is a different kind of love mate  that i don't hear too many words about: soul f*cking mate.What is this ,you will ask ? Well , according to the urban dictionary, a Soul F*ck is: “when you look into someone’s eyes, and you are so connected with that person that it feels like your souls are making love''.

Until it ignites, there are no words to pin down the incredible, exquisite power that this fusion has, or how it will impact thoughts, actions and the physical body. It can spin the compass of life around to point in an entirely opposing direction, usually when least expected and it will often appear to shock and alert us to what we already knew on the inside, but didn’t quite grasp on a conscious level. There is no denying, no questioning, no reason nor rhyme for the indescribable feeling when a soul mate f*cks your soul. To understand what a S…

May you feel forever wild and free

In our current society, we are taught to ignore the callings of the stars and the natural flow of the seasons; we medicate our emotions and let our lives be led by technology. This is not the true nature of our souls. Regardless of religion, we are made from stardust, the rolling waves of the sea and the rich fertile soil of the earth. Only once we realize that we are all connected in this beautiful world can we fully reach down into our souls and unleash our inner goddess. Historically the Solstice has been celebrated since ancient times as the marking of the longest day of the year—even at Stonehenge does the heel stone mark the Solstice sunrise as seen from the center of the circle. On this special solstice, the planets are literally aligning to help us tune in to our most evolved authentic self. Saturn has just turned retrograde, who is known as the Lord of Karma, and the Sun will also be square to the North and South Nodes of Fate. We are being pushed—not so gently—to have the co…

Come alive , please

I hear lately a lot of talking about what we should do , what would be good , what the world has become and how someone should do something. 
And it's kind of funny , because as a matter of fact , even if don't like at all the word should, yes, we should do something. All of us! a very simple, tiny something and that is to wake up! To wake up from a life of routine , from a state of indifference and to forget the crazy idea that someone else will do the right thing. 

Wake up and be the change you wish to see in the world, as Gandhi used to say.
 “Don’t ask what the world needs, do what makes you come alive; because what the world needs most are people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurma

Caring is sharing

Check the lives of those you love. You may not even realize it, but someones else’s problems may lace their hands shut, your sadness may clutter their floor, they could have been stranded on empty. If someone is pulling your problems, unpacking your sadness or carrying you the last mile home—please look them dead in the eye, and ask them how they are doing. Ask them how life is treating them, and do not take a bashful dismissal for an answer. Do not let them think their problems are not worthy—don’t let them ignore their happy ending. If I have learned anything in life, it is that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about—and nobody  can defeat that alone. Let's change ,,sharing is caring'' into ,, caring is sharing''.
Take a moment and check the lives of those you love.

10 Reminders for the smart ones ;)

I have always had a thing for smart , witty guys . They always have something interesting to say , new ideas to debate and they tend to be such a blast ! 

Yet, some of the smartest people I know  struggle to get ahead because they forget to remember a few simple truths.  So, i thought , let me give you a quick reminder:

#1 – Education and intelligence accomplish nothing without action.
It doesn’t matter if you have a genius IQ and a diploma in Quantum Physics, you can’t change anything or make any sort of real progress without taking action.  There’s a huge difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it.  Knowledge and intelligence are both useless without action.  It’s as simple as that. 

#2 – Happiness and success are two different things.I once knew a savvy businessman. All his partners consider him to be wildly successful.  But guess what?  One days , out of the blue, he asked me  “Am I asking too much if I want time to read a good book , time to go kiting and to…

Woman. Shhh !

I really believe in every one of us lie a few women: the sweet girl that believes in fairytailes, the mother, the carreer woman, the runner and last- but not least, the seductive.

 Sometimes these women come to play alone, but there are those special moments when something or someone makes us give the best in us, the whole package.

Every once in a while, there comes a day when you enjoy to embrace the playful, seductive woman in you and it might even amaze you how much peace you can find in letting go the ''oughts" and the ''shoulds'' and just dive into that calm, conforting sensation that the other one is embracing you with. 

Every once in a while you find yourself smiling, you can't wait to see what else there is, learning to translate the tone, this look, that look, the meaning of words, discovering what makes the world go round and round again.

Yes, you have to break the walls you have built around you! 
Yes, you have to rearrange the days you were spe…

The new Secret of Expectations

As days go by, I find myself  more and more thinking about the thing that makes the difference, about what is that little ingredient that makes one a king and another one a  bum. 
How come we all live in the same society , same town , we all ride the same metro in the morning and still one is going to the office where he is a leader and one is going to the social services to ask for help? 
How come we all come across the same people , the same bookstores , see the same things every day (or almost the same ) and still one can wish and dream to be the next Nobel laureate and all the other is thinking is how to survive another day ?
As I was talking today to a friend of mine , I was trying to see what pulls him back. And I think i get it now!

Nothing influences our success more than what we expect from ourselves.

Or in another way to say this : we don't get from our lives what we would wish if we would have more money , more time , etc or what we hope to get if the planet align, we don…

Bloggers help

As i am  kind of struggling myself these days with the Almighty Internet and all , here is something I found  useful .

Enjoy and feel free to share with other ,,brothers in arms,,  :)

Free KnockKnock ebook now availableKnock Knock is now available for you to read for free. It's a short take on how to use the new online marketing tools to make any website work more effectively. You'll notice on the second page of the PDF that there's a link that makes it easy to contribute to the Red Cross. I hope you'll take advantage of that. Here's the file.  It's sort of large, so if you want to post it on your own site, or email it to your friends, please go right ahead. I'll post a list of other sites that are hosting it as soon as you send me the URL where you've posted.  The only rules are no changes, no commerce.
I'm going to post the sequel to this one (I hope you can guess the title) this weekend. That…

Are you curious?

What do you want from your life?

I am not talking about what you would like to have.
I am talking about that deep, burning desire you have inside you. The one you might not even realise yet. It is obvious that in order to get what we want in our lives , we have to know first what do we want.Yet, nine people out of ten have no clue about what they are looking for. Some might have an idea , but they can not describe it. And because you don't know what you want , you can't find it. Hmmm... weird , isn't it?

When asked why they don't know what they want, most people say ,,I'm too busy to think about it.'' Too busy , huh?
But we're not talking about some meaningless chore , we are talking about your life

No matter how busy you are, you have the time for this. It is proven that a person has about 3000 hours free time a year. Why don't you use 30 minutes a day to think about your life, about your dreams and wishes? In this 30 minutes a day you can come up wit…

Vrei sa vezi asta ! :)

Nu iti face planuri pentru 18 iunie ! 

Am scris acum ceva vreme o lista a oamenilor WOW pe care ii cunosc de cand sunt in Bucuresti si printre primii  a fost Izabela Barbu​, aka Jezebel​, un om de o sarm deosebit , o femeie curajoasa , dar si tare haioasa, un glas care iti ridica parul pe mana si un showman sau woman :) de senzatie .
Am ras, am plans la evenimentele ei , am cantat , am multumit cerului ca am ajuns la primul concert! Ce mai ! te trece prin toate starile :))
 Acum am avut placerea sa stau la o limonada si sa ma bucur de ea face to face ca sa ii povestesc ce lucruri mari fac oamenii astia care mi-s mie dragi , la Hope and Homes for Children Romania​ si ,lucru care era de asteptat, a sarit imediat sa ne ofere o mana de ajutor si o noua seara de Serendipity Tea​
Deci ,pe 18 , nu va faceti planuri ! Caci e un eveniment la care vreti sa asistati !