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Before Your Next Birthday ...

These days, after such stressful days at work and the Super Moon , I snapped at home and I found myself saying things I wouldn’t normally do. My dear friend, who visited us these days, took me out for a walk and talked to me about this state of mine.  “What? I am just a little bit agitated.’’ I said.  She smiled and said, “Honey, someday you will think it’s funny that you were so damn nervous today.”

Boy, was she right!  Today, the I still catch myself entering a bout of irritability,but I do my best to take a deep breath and let it GO.  So, if you feel the same, I encourage you to do the same.

Truth be told, today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you will ever be again.  It’s kind of scary, but it’s true.  If there was ever a perfect day to start letting go of the needless drama and stress that’s been holding you back, that day is today.  And since we often use our birthdays as mile markers to track our personal growth and accomplishments, I challenge you to this:

Before …

The Relation Between the Moon and the Human Mind

Every thing around us has an effect on something within us – be it our exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UVR), looking at the morning sky, taking a walk in the forest, or swimming in the sea – nature’s beauty prompts the flow of hormones and energy in our body.  But not everything that’s present in nature is fundamentally good for human beings.

The Moon, romanticised by poets and artists since ages, has a series of negative effects on the human mind, scientifically and spiritually. Several scientists and research institutions have conducted experiments over the years to study the effect of moon and full moon nights on the human mind and behaviour. Moon, Conscious and Sub-Conscious According to Quantum Physics, everything in the Universe – stars, planets, satellites or even the moon has an operating frequency. 
The frequency emanated by the moon affects the frequency of the mind that exerts control over our feelings, emotions and desires. The mind, which consists of consciou…

12 Laws That Will Change Everything

I hear lately that mindfulness as a daily ritual is the ultimate challenge and practice.  It’s a way of living, of being, of seeing, of tapping into the full power of your humanity. At its core, mindfulness is… Being aware of what’s happening in the present moment without wishing it were differentEnjoying each pleasant experience without holding on when it changes (which it will)Being with each unpleasant experience without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t)Knowing this is important.  Living every day in such a way that makes mindfulness possible is life-changing. So, here are twelve basic laws of (practical) mindfulness, that will change the way you see things and your entire life :
1.  Your only reality is THIS MOMENT, right here, right now.The secret to health for the mind, body and soul is not to mourn the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment mindfully and purposefully.True wealth is the ability to experience the present moment fully.  …

How To Find Your Way Back When You're Lost

My ears used to perk up whenever I heard someone refer to him or herself as a “seeker.” Why? Because I could instantly relate to them, perhaps in the same way that you can to me. I understood what it was like to be looking for something, but never really knowing what that was. This was not something that affected my life lightly—rather, it was the reason I read hundreds of books, asked more questions than anyone I knew, burned through relationships.
My need to findsomething was like an affliction. It was a fire that burned through every aspect of my life and still fuels me to this day. I heard people say that they were “trying to find themselves,” and this never really made sense to me. My search was always for other people with whom I could truly relate. I sought to understand my purpose in life, and to know just why,bloody why, we are all in this crazy world.
In a nutshell, my search was for truth. I needed to know.
I knew other people who had firm beliefs about everything existential…

10 Things You Need To Know About The Cause Marketing Trend

You want to build a business that attracts a base of loyal customers, but you’re not sure how to differentiate yourself from your more established competitors. Perhaps they have better branding, bigger marketing budgets, and more robust distribution channels. How can you steal the attention of prospective customers long enough to show them how great your product is? Or maybe you work for an established brand, and lately you’ve been scratching your head as trendy new businesses gobble up market share you’d started taking for granted. You’ve run a few surveys, and the results are depressing at best. Your brand, which was once considered innovative and cutting edge, is now described as “boring, lame, and outdated.” How can you show the market that you’re still relevant and transform casual purchasers into loyal brand advocates? One opportunity that’s growing in popularity is cause marketing. For this article, we’ll define cause marketing as “Differentiating your brand by supporting a cause…

Which Is The Best Way ?

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Don’t  run away from things. Run toward them.

The best way to move away from something negative is to move toward something positive.

Orange Juice

Dr. Wayne Dyer spunea:

“Sa presupunem ca uite, stau in fata dumneavoastra.  Va rog sa vizualizati asta. Stau in fata dumneavoastra si am o portocala. Si iau aceasta portocala si o strang.  O strang atat de tare cat pot eu sa strang.
Ce o sa iasa? Suc.Ce fel de suc?  
Suc de portocala. Ar putea fi, in vreun fel, suc de mere? Nici macar o sansa? Haideti, nici suc de mango? Macar o data? Nici o greseala, nu? 
Niciodata, orice ar fi… Ok, ati trecut testul. 
Urmatoarea intrebare:  De ce? De ce, cand storci o portocala, atat de tare cat poti sa strangi, iese suc de portocale?
 Pentru ca asta se afla inauntru. Nu-i asa?  Pe planeta noastra, cand strangi ceva, iese ceea ce se afla inauntru.  Nu-i prea greu, asa-i?
 Nu conteaza daca mama ta e cea care stoarce portocala, nu conteaza ce instrument foloseste, nu conteaza daca tocmai ai fost la ciclu, si apoi ai stors o portocala, nu conteaza daca seful tau e cel care stoarce portocala, sau daca o fac copiii tai… 
Nu conteaza timpul, sa zicem ca e…

Monday's Word

I will develop a habit in choosing a new, expresive word every Monday.
Something like a Monday Mantra :)

So , this Monday's word is AWE. 

An overhelming feeling of reverence, admiration and fear, produced by that wich is grand, sublime, extremely powerful.

7 “Tricks” to Improve Your Writing Overnight

No matter how bad (or good) your writing is today, it’s possible to improve it overnight.Here are seven quick “tricks” that can improve the very next piece you write.
Know your reader.This means more than knowing a few demographics (how old they are, their average income, etc.). To know your readers means you understand their fears, frustrations, and aspirations. Writing from the reader’s perspective will dramatically change the way you write. Know your objective.Every piece you write (blog post, press release, video script, or anything else) must have only one objective. I call this objective the Most Wanted Result, or “MWR.” Knowing your MWR forces you to write with crystal-clear focus. Use short words.You must be easy to understand. Using short words is one of the best ways to do this. Don’t show off how many big words you know. Use short sentences.Your thoughts come across more clearly in compact sentences. An added bonus: short sentences prevent you from confusing your readers. Use sh…

How to Find High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

If you can write at all there are plenty of freelance writing jobs for beginners that pay really well. Unfortunately beginners often take the first gig they can get without understanding what they’re really worth. Writers are in high demand right now, don’t sell yourself short. Follow my advice here and go earn the money you’re worth. Since I’m saving the best for last, I thought it would be best to start here.

Odesk and Elance These two are probably the most popular sites for new freelancers.  I listed them both together because they are very similar in almost every way. They do have their differences but they are both terrible.  I advise you to avoid them if you can. However, if you cannot find work anywhere else then you might want to try one of them.  In my first month trying to make money online I made a little working for these sites.
Number of applicants for one job at odesk. The problem is, there are tons of freelancers to compete with at Odesk and Elance, it’s very difficult to get …