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How I stopped and let it be

I could feel the hesitation, I could push the right buttons, lead the way...I thought about it, I almost played with this idea.Instead, I chose to stop.
And breathe.Maybe this time I want to be surprised.
I want the butterflies in my stomach.
I want the stupid smile on my face, the singing in the shower, the ,,so happy that it hurts" feeling.Maybe this time I'll just let the universe do it's magic.And believe again.

How I Chose Myself and Let Go

"When it's easy, it's alright.Start well and it's going to be easy.Continue easily and it's going to be fine. The best way through life is the easy way."                               Chuang Tzu

My whole life I have struggled for something, for someone.I have struggled to prove myself, to show up when needed. To be the one. To be the best.
I realize now that this struggle it's not the proper way.It eats me alive, consuming every moment when I should be enjoying myself, I should be cherishing who I am. No masks, no pose. Just who I am. I might not be the one yet. But I am myself and I really like myself now.
I might not be the best, but I am at my best now. And I am proud of myself.
A dear, dear man to me, told me these days that I should stop trying to please everyone, because I am not chocolate. Well, I like chocolate. But he's right. I am not. And I don't want to be.
All I crave is to be myself, whether I am the one, or the best or just another…

How I Loved You

Seems like a fairytale, and I didn't believe I'll get to this point, until the very moment when i did it.
I recognized you from the first words,I felt like I knew you forever, like you were so close to my locked heart, although I haven't ever seen you before.
The tone, the voice, the words you wrote...I knew it all along.You were that one I had to meet once in a lifetime, maybe even once in lifetimes.So, I loved you.I did open my heart, I pushed aside the gates and threw away the locks, and I loved you.Oh, God, so much I loved you.
I could feel your heart beats in my palm.And I loved you.
I could hear your breathe.And I loved you.
I could feel the warmth of your hands and I loved every inch of your skin, every glance I took at your soul, every pain and vulnerability you showed me.
I dove into you and came back with the keys for my heart.
I let you inside and it felt so natural for the first time.
I felt more alive than ever before, I was not lonely, nor alone anymore.I was…