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Draga mea, alege un om pe care sa il numesti "domnul meu"

"Draga mea,

Când vei alege, te rog, alege-l pe cel pe care l-ai câștigat pe genunchi. Nu îți dori să alegi un bărbat pe care l-ai câștigat datorită hainelor tale, a corpului tău, a banilor tăi și nici măcar a inteligenței tale. Toate pot să fie azi, iar mâine nu. Bătălia pentru inimă se poartă totdeauna pe genunchi. Asta e cheia. Un astfel de bărbat nu va cădea la picioarele tale cu luna de pe cer. Un astfel de bărbat va îngenunchea pentru a-ți spăla picioarele.

Fii atentă la Luceferi. Sunt mulți. Peste unul sigur vei da. Mă rog să fii păzită, dar dacă vei da peste unul neînțeles spune-i să se întoarcă în cercul lui strâmt. Nu ești psiholog. Nu e de datoria ta să îi rezolvi instabilitatea și eșecul în dragoste.

Când vei alege, te rog, alege-l pe cel care îți e superior cu un nivel. Știu că nu sună bine, dar nu vei putea fi supusă unui bărbat inferior. Nu îl alege pe cel care e cu o sută de pași înaintea ta. Acesta te va vedea ca o servitoare, nu ca pe o soție. Fiecare nivel își are …

Looking at Me

It is said that the eyes are the mirrors of our soul.
We tend to look into the others eyes in search for answers and signs, we tend to look for our loved ones eyes to feel connection.

I ask you now though, when is the last time you looked into your own eyes?
When is the last time when you stopped searching for answers and relief in others and turned to yourself.

After a hard time meditation, some time ago, I came up with such a sweet, yet painful message from Mother Nature. Amongst the trees, the last sandalwood scents, under the moon ray, I finally got it. The love we are all seeking is in our hearts. The love, the acceptance, the care, the pampering, all of those we own to ourselves. We are the ones who live this life, we are the creators of our lives.

I know it is hard for you now. I get it.
In hard times, my dearest, always look into your eyes because the eyes, baby, they never lie.
Always inquire yourself in the mirror.

Ask yourself first for forgiveness. Be grateful for what yo…

Guard Thy Thoughts For They Become Your Life

A few weeks ago, I finally read the book my best friend recommended me: The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Schovel Shinn, and I decided to make my own affirmation and to try it.
Actually, not to try it but to believe in it. This is the exact term.

And yes, it all changed.
Somehow everything changed.

Still, in the light of the last days, I can't help but wonder: is this for real? Is it for real or our mind is the one that gives what we want to see?

You see, I get it. The old saying about knocking if you want the door to open, the ask and you shall receive. I get all of this.

The question is though, is there a door anyway?
Maybe it is all in our minds: we see a door when there is none. We see the open door when we are ready to pass through it.

Is it possible that maybe our limits create the obstacle, and then when we are able to move forward, when we dare, we unlock the path just by being able to acknowledge the already existing path?

The audio book can be found here.…

Scrisoare catre fiul meu care nu va citi aceste randuri

Dragul meu,

stiu ca in ochii tai nu am fost mama perfecta.
Desi am facut tot ce am putut, mereu a ramas ceva ce putea fi mai bine facut, ceva ce ai fi avut nevoie si eu nu mi-am dat seama.

Dinainte sa te nasti, noi doi am fost prieteni.
Iti povesteam seara in timp ce priveam stelele tot ce am vazut, toate emotiile mele, cum e lumea in care vei veni. Iti spunea cat de bine ne vom intelege noi si ca vom fi bine. Ca orice s-ar intampla, noi ne avem unul pe altul si vom reusi impreuna sa trecem prin orice.
Si chiar asa a fost.
Iti citeam Sorell si fiul si am sperat din tot sufletul ca voi fi un parinte macar pe jumatate la fel de bun ca Sorell.
Poate am reusit sau poate nu. Doar tu stii asta.
Noi, mamele, mereu avem senzatia ca nu am facut tot ce trebuia. Dar poate tie ti-a fost de ajuns.

Stiu ca acum esti suparat ca te-am pedepsit luandu-ti laptopul. Si probabil tu crezi ca sunt nedreapta.
Si eu am crezut asta despre bunicii tai.
Dar cand vei mai creste, vei intelege ca parintii cauta s…

Sands of time

The hardest times come when you think everything is ok and you realise it was not.

The hardest times come when you think you got it all figured out and you realise it was an ilusion.

The hardest times come when you think you stand on solid ground and you realise that the ground had turned to sand.

The good news is that time really heals everything.

The good news is that there will always be another day and another time.

Stop Pretending You Are Ok and Cry Your Pain Out

' I do believe that if you haven't learnt about sadness, you cannot appreciate happiness.'    ~ Nana Mouskouri

I' ve had some hard times lately, I must admit. I had to take some moments off to cool down some too hot emotions, or sometimes to ask for help to shake the heavy sadness that slowly covered me.

And because I desperately needed venting, I cried. A lot.
I cried so much that my loved one couldn't take the pressure of not being able to calm me no more.

So, I got to think about this for a while.
We are so afraid to feel sad, that we keep on telling ourselves that everything will be alright even when it's not.
We are so desperate not to feel the pain that we force ourselves into being 'happy' even when the smile is so, so much a disguise.

Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

We need to cry. Cry our hearts out,  cry so loud that our shoulders shake. We need to release the pressure, otherwise our minds will blow.
I know you might have been taught a…

Battery Depleted

It is not uncommon nowadays to become overwhelmed, especially when everywhere you look  all you get is the usual 'you can do it!' slogan. I know we've all been there.  Still I am going to talk to you about a different kind of depletion now: the emphat's depletion. I am not going to explain what an empath is. I will just assume that if you are here, on this page, you already know about these 'weirdos'. And I am not going to give you a to do list to get rid of this condition. I will just assume that you already assumed your condition. (funny this word: assume, isn't it ?!).
All I'm going to say is that I get you. You are not alone. I know that you might have days when you don't get what's happening and you have to struggle to get over all the overwhelming sensations and feelings you get from all around you. Trying to calm down when everything goes down and it is not up to you to fix things.
My only advice is to take things as they come. Let God (…

Naked in Body and Soul

“We were together. I forgot the rest.” ~ Walt Whitman
You helped me see myself when I was visibile to everyone, but invisible to myself. 
There was something you recognized beneath all the false identities I had. So many , that even I didn't know who I was anymore.  You made me smile from my soul for the first time in a very long time, not because you gave me something, but simply because your presence made me feel joy and made me desire to live. And it came naturally for you. It was in that moment I began to fall. In the beginning, we were chaos and fire. We rubbed each other and seemed to trigger one another; it was almost as if we were destined to only show each others wounds. Yet, even then there was a little voice who told me to run and another louder one that told me that "this is not all. the real stuff will show when the wounds are healed." So I dove into the pain.  I dove into my soul searching for every scar that frightened me so; for every wound that you trigge…