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Battery Depleted

It is not uncommon nowadays to become overwhelmed, especially when everywhere you look  all you get is the usual 'you can do it!' slogan. I know we've all been there.  Still I am going to talk to you about a different kind of depletion now: the emphat's depletion. I am not going to explain what an empath is. I will just assume that if you are here, on this page, you already know about these 'weirdos'. And I am not going to give you a to do list to get rid of this condition. I will just assume that you already assumed your condition. (funny this word: assume, isn't it ?!).
All I'm going to say is that I get you. You are not alone. I know that you might have days when you don't get what's happening and you have to struggle to get over all the overwhelming sensations and feelings you get from all around you. Trying to calm down when everything goes down and it is not up to you to fix things.
My only advice is to take things as they come. Let God (…