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Stop Pretending You Are Ok and Cry Your Pain Out

' I do believe that if you haven't learnt about sadness, you cannot appreciate happiness.'    ~ Nana Mouskouri

I' ve had some hard times lately, I must admit. I had to take some moments off to cool down some too hot emotions, or sometimes to ask for help to shake the heavy sadness that slowly covered me.

And because I desperately needed venting, I cried. A lot.
I cried so much that my loved one couldn't take the pressure of not being able to calm me no more.

So, I got to think about this for a while.
We are so afraid to feel sad, that we keep on telling ourselves that everything will be alright even when it's not.
We are so desperate not to feel the pain that we force ourselves into being 'happy' even when the smile is so, so much a disguise.

Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

We need to cry. Cry our hearts out,  cry so loud that our shoulders shake. We need to release the pressure, otherwise our minds will blow.
I know you might have been taught a…