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Looking at Me

It is said that the eyes are the mirrors of our soul.
We tend to look into the others eyes in search for answers and signs, we tend to look for our loved ones eyes to feel connection.

I ask you now though, when is the last time you looked into your own eyes?
When is the last time when you stopped searching for answers and relief in others and turned to yourself.

After a hard time meditation, some time ago, I came up with such a sweet, yet painful message from Mother Nature. Amongst the trees, the last sandalwood scents, under the moon ray, I finally got it. The love we are all seeking is in our hearts. The love, the acceptance, the care, the pampering, all of those we own to ourselves. We are the ones who live this life, we are the creators of our lives.

I know it is hard for you now. I get it.
In hard times, my dearest, always look into your eyes because the eyes, baby, they never lie.
Always inquire yourself in the mirror.

Ask yourself first for forgiveness. Be grateful for what yo…

Guard Thy Thoughts For They Become Your Life

A few weeks ago, I finally read the book my best friend recommended me: The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Schovel Shinn, and I decided to make my own affirmation and to try it.
Actually, not to try it but to believe in it. This is the exact term.

And yes, it all changed.
Somehow everything changed.

Still, in the light of the last days, I can't help but wonder: is this for real? Is it for real or our mind is the one that gives what we want to see?

You see, I get it. The old saying about knocking if you want the door to open, the ask and you shall receive. I get all of this.

The question is though, is there a door anyway?
Maybe it is all in our minds: we see a door when there is none. We see the open door when we are ready to pass through it.

Is it possible that maybe our limits create the obstacle, and then when we are able to move forward, when we dare, we unlock the path just by being able to acknowledge the already existing path?

The audio book can be found here.…