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What If There Is Nothing Wrong With You

All my life I've been trying to find love, to be loveable, listening to all the people in my life who were constantly asking for something in order to like me....

Be smarter, be faster, be more beautiful, be more sexy, be more compliant, be more silent, be more like every other girl, don't be like any other girl, be ordinary, be unique, be blonde, or be a long-haired girl, don't ask for anything, don't be needy,  don't be too independent, don't be naive, but don't be a cynic, don't smoke, oh! why you don't smoke with us....and so on.

All my life someone, actually lots of someones, asked for something from me in order to like me. I won't say love me...because ...let's face it if they asked me not to smoke or not to cry in order for them to love is a sure sign they don't know what love is.

Today, I know there are things I should change, things I should learn in order to be a better person. Every day! Every single day there is som…